Yoga Question: How long should you hold a yoga pose ?

You are new to yoga, now you begin practicing yoga daily and somehow you reached a level where you can hold a yoga pose.

Question is in your mind that how long should you hold a Yoga Pose ?

Is it difficult to hold a yoga pose. Holding a yoga pose is always a big task for a novice practitioner. While holding a yoga pose you should focus on your breathing, listen to your body and connect to your body more. Don’t always focus on your stopwatch rather than try to focus on your body.

You can hold a pose for a minimum of 10 seconds to 60 seconds. But this theory is only for novice practitioner. As you getting more used to yoga and feeling any pose easy, you can increase holding time anywhere in between 1 minute to 5 minutes.

But this is not done. There are some studies that in ancient times in India some famous yogi had been holding yoga poses or more than 2 hours. Don’t afraid I’m not going to tell you to hold for such a long time. In simple words you can hold for a time that your body allows.

 Yoga is not just about holding a pose. It is much more beyond that. Always listen to your body and do what works for you.

Holding a yoga pose for longer time will give you more benefit?
Yes you will get more benefit if you hold a pose for longer period because you will continue to stimulate the same part of your body for more time. But a novice practitioner always found very difficult to hold a pose. So start by holding for short time and gradually increase the time when you become more familiar with that pose.

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