Yoga Question: Can Yoga Increase Your Height ?

Everyone wants to have taller posture but because of so much internal and external reason sometimes we don’t get desired height. Human height is depend on so much factor that include genetics, nutrition, environment, physical exercise etc. Yoga has been practicing since thousands of years to cure many diseases. Studies showed that there are many poses in Yoga that can be very helpful in attaining a good height.

A person with a good height is always more confident and attractive. Yoga include so much asana that focusing on stretching and flexibility. That’s why yoga can be helpful in attaining a good height. Practicing yoga daily will release mental, emotional and physical stress. If you have less mental, emotional and physical stress then the tendency of your body to grow up is more. So you have more chances to attain a good height. So for the question that can yoga increase your height the answer is yes.

6 most effective yoga poses to increase height

  1. Tadasana
    This is one of the best asana that has been proven in Yoga history to increase height. Practice daily in early morning for about four to five times daily. Tadasana is also good to strengthen your legs muscles.
  2. Sarvangasana
    Studies shows that sarvangasana preserve youthfulness and restrict your age. Daily practice of this asana can increase growth hormone in young people thus increasing the chances of a better height. This asana also stimulate thyroid gland thus keeping your metabolic rate in a healthy range. It also rejuvenates your overall body and slowing down aging process.
  3. Paschimottanasana
    Paschima meaning west and uttana meaning intense stretch. That means, intense stretch of west. This pose is very good for people wants to increase their flexibility of overall body also helpful in increasing height. Regular practice of paschimottanasana helps relieves in sexual disorders.
    Regular practice of bhujangasana can be good for people who wants to increase their height. It is a very good stretch for your abdomens(abs) muscles and also good for people suffering from low back problems.
  4. Suryanamskar
    Surya Namaskar consists of 12 yoga poses and each of these has its own benefits. Surya-Namaskar is very helpful for attending a better height if you practice this for at least 8 to 10 times daily. It can be done at various speed- at slow pace you can more connect to your body and it is more calming to you and if it is done at a fast pace it will burn more calories and will be helpful for losing weight.
  5. Chakrasana
    This asana involves so much stretching of overall body and also create so much pressure in all body parts which facilitates the production of growth hormone in adults that increases the chances for a better height for the practitioner.

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