Yoga Question: Can you lose weight from yoga ?

This is the most striking question that comes in your mind if you are new to yoga or if you are overweight. There are many myths in our minds related to yoga. We can’t lose weight from yoga, yoga is only to improve flexibility, yoga is not for me, yoga can’t lose weight, yoga is religious, yoga is for old people… blah blah blah…

For people who think that yoga cannot be helpful in losing weight I must say that you are wrong. Yes you can lose weight definitely but only if you have faith in yourself, stick to your yoga routine and giving adequate time to it.

Apart from losing weight, in the meanwhile you can increase your flexibility, your mobility and immunity. Yoga is only way to improve your ability to do anything. Yoga is a way to rejuvenate yourself from inside as well as from outside.

Some people think that yoga is very slow process to achieve any fitness goal. Yoga takes time to show you desire results. But the truth is that, you can see the difference in yourself from the very first day.

Some people simply avoid yoga just by thinking that yoga is only to improve flexibility. Yes this is the add-on benefit that yoga can give you but this is not the only benefit.

Can yoga help you lose belly fat?

This is one of the most stupid question that many people ask me.  If spot deposition is not possible then how’s spot reduction can possible. You cannot lose weight or fat from just a specific part of your body. Yes, yoga can help you in losing weight/fat but what does it mean….??.. It means from all around the body not only from your belly.

Bottom line

Yoga is Multi-purpose this is not going to give you only one or two benefits .The benefits of yoga are tremendous. This is not religious. Yoga is not only for old aged people. This is for everyone.

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