What is Right Time To eat carbohydrates-how it affects your fitness goal

Friends it is very important to understand the timing of your carbs loading. You must load right type of carbs at right time. I already discussed two types of carbs i.e. slow acting and fast acting carbs. 

we distinguish carbs in three categories.
  • Low glycemic
  • Moderate glycemic
  • High glycemic

You should load your body with appropriate amount of carbs at right time. For example after a intense workout you need a food that have high glycemic index. A food having a high glycemic index will be easily breakdown and increase your blood glucose level fast. This is what your body need right after an intense workout. In the same way a low or moderate glycemic food will be a good choice for your pre-workout.

There are lots of things to consider here.

  • Your body needs a high GI food after an intense workout for replenishment of glycogen store.
  • Your body needs a high GI food in your first meal of the day as this is the time when you have very low blood glucose. 
  • Your body needs a high calories diet for next 24 hours after a long workout.
  • Your body needs a high calories diet before 24 hours from your next workout.
  • You can’t focus only on calories at all time. There is one another thing that is protein. Protein is very necessary for your muscles recovery.
  • You can add one cheat day after following a good diet plan for 5 days. It will boost your metabolism and good for people those want to lose fat.

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