Try yoga to cure thyroid and lead a better life

So many peoples around the World are suffering from Thyroid problem. Thyroid is a metabolic disease in which our thyroid gland either producing less thyroid hormone or more thyroid hormone. If your thyroid gland is underactive that means producing less thyroid hormone the condition is known as hypothyroid. On the other hand if your thyroid gland is overactive that means producing more thyroid hormone the condition is known as hyperthyroid.

In hypothyroidism your metabolic rate decreases that mean you will burn fewer calories at rest and there will be more chances for weight gain.

In hyperthyroidism your metabolic rate increases that mean you will burn more calories at rest and you always find very hard to gain weight.

Yoga is the best way to cure this thyroid problem either it is hyper or hypo thyroid.

5 yoga poses that may be helpful in thyroid

Sarvangasana/ Shoulder Stand Sarvangasana is one of the best asana which stimulates and regulate the entire body. It stimulate thyroid gland under our neck hence reduces the chances of hypo or hyper thyroidism. In this pose, more blood is transfer from legs to head which helps to reduce thyroid problem.

Halasana/Plough Pose Similar to sarvangasana this asana also create pressure around stomach and neck. Hence stimulate thyroid gland and also calms the brain and reduce stress.

Bhujangasana/Cobra Pose Bhujangasana or Cobra pose. During this pose there is a lot of compression and stretch around your neck and stomach hence it’s stimulate thyroid gland. Also dispose is very beneficial in problems related to lower back. Dispose strengthen upper back shoulder and triceps.

Shirshasana/Headstand Shirshasana or headstand is very difficult and also the very beneficial pose in Yoga. Shirshasana directly create pressure on thyroid gland that aids in balancing the metabolic function.

Matsyasana/Fish Pose Matsyasana or the fish pose resemble a fish that’s why we called it fish pose. Matsyasana is very good Asana for the patient of thyroid. This asana is also create pressure and stimulate your thyroid gland. Not only for thyroid patient this asana is very good for relieving stress. By practicing regularly this asana will cure you thyroid problem and help you to live a stress free life.

Setu bandhasana/Bridge Pose Setu bandhasana or a bridge pose takes the form of a bridge that’s why we called it Setu bandhasana. If you want to improve the mobility of your lower back then this is very good asana for you. Also it stimulates and create pressure on your thyroid gland Hans very good for the thyroid patient.

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