Yoga Question:How much time will it take to see the effects of yoga?

This is a most obvious question that people ask me so I have decided to write it down hear about it. Many people think that yoga will take so much time to show you visible effects. If we talk about only visible effects of yoga then I must say you can see them from the very first day. Yes I know yoga may take some time to completely cure any disease but you will start getting benefits from the first day. Being a yoga teacher I have personally experienced this. I also get the same feedback from my students.

Whatever your fitness goal is, you will get the result from the first day whether you want to improve your flexibility or want to cure any type of disease or doing for improving level fitness etc.

Many practitioners who come to Yoga class to improve their body flexibility and mobility can see the changes in their flexibility in each yoga class.

Time required practicing yoga
Some people think that yoga required so much time that’s why they simply avoid it. Yoga required very less time when it compared to your Gym training. You don’t need so much time to practice your yoga routine. If you are very busy person or you don’t have so much time to do yoga then don’t be worry. You would be happy to know that you just need 10 to 15 minutes if you want to do yoga. But if you have more time to do, it would be good for you.

How many times in a week should you do yoga?
If we compare yoga to weight training then in weight training your body need rest to recover but in Yoga we don’t need to take rest in between the days so we can practice yoga daily as long as you have time to do this. To get the best result from yoga you should practice it in early morning on empty stomach. You can practice yoga in evening too but keep in mind that gap between your meal and yoga session must be at least 4 to 5 hours.

Breathing during holding a yoga pose
This may be the question in most of us mind that how to breathe while holding a pose. Many people ask me this and may be doing it in wrong way. Breathing technique is very important part of yoga. So you should know when to inhale or when to exhale. The simple answer of this question is that breathing must be deep and slow while holding a yoga pose. Never let your breathing to stop while holding yoga pose. Keep your breathing slow and deep always

Bottom line
Benefits of yoga can be seen from first day. You only need 15 minutes to practice yoga and you can practice yoga daily.

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