Four Main Types Of Yoga

Yoga is group of physical, mental and spiritual practices which found in India about 5000 years ago. Although origin of yoga is a matter of debate because no one has much more information about it. But now yoga becomes more popular not only in India but all around the world. On December 1, 2016, yoga was listed by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage. Now every year on 21st June, international yoga day has been celebrated in about 150 countries.

There are four main types or four paths of yoga

1)Raj yoga Raj means Royal and something that is precious. Meditation is the most important part of this branch of yoga. It has eight types that’s why Patanjali named it ashtang Yoga. Its 8 types are as follows.

  • Yama(swearing)
  • Niyama(self-discipline or rules)
  • Asana(poses)
  • Pranayama(breathing exercise)
  • Hold( concentration)
  • Control of senses
  • Dhyan(Meditation)
  • Samadhi(final liberation)

Asana is the most popular part of Raj yoga. For most of the people the meaning of yoga is just doing asana. But yoga is not just about holding a pose it is much more beyond that.

2)Karma yoga  The next branch of the path of yoga is karma. This is the part of yoga from which we all have to go. None of us escape from this path. The principle of karma yoga is that whatever we experience today is made by our action in the past. Whatever you are today, “happy” or “sad” is because of your karma did in past. Whenever you do good things, serve others, help others and live your life selfless you do karma yoga.

3)Bhakti Yoga  Bhakti Yoga describes the path of devotion. This is the part of worshipping the god. The God which is inside of every human being not outside. The God which is present all around the universe. Bhakti Yoga is a way of controlling emotions.

4)Gyan Yoga  Gyan Yoga is considered to be most difficult path of yoga and it is a last step or path of yoga. It includes the development of your inner intelligence reading of text the text of yoga and serious study.

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