Exercise Question: Don’t have time for gym ?

We all want to have a muscular body and healthy lifestyle. For that purpose, we want to join the gym or go to other places related to fitness. But sometime you don’t have so much time to go to gym or any other places to work on your own fitness. Everyone wants a good healthy body but some people don’t have time to do so. People believe that they can get a better fitness only in a gym. This is a biggest myth, most people thinks that you can achieve your fitness goal only by going to gym daily. Here I am going to explain you some   5 exercise that you can do at home without any equipment.

These 5 exercises can give you all the benefits without going to gym

Squat is a very good exercise if you want muscular legs. It will work on your whole legs i.e. your quadriceps, hamstring, calf muscles and glutes. It will strengthen your legs and good for people who want to lose weight because it activates a very big area of muscles. You can boost up your metabolism by doing squat. There are so many variations of squat that you can do at your home. For example lunges, Sumo squats etc. If you are a beginner you don’t need to put weight on your back while doing squat, your body weight itself is more than enough. But still if you want to increase the intensity you can put some weight on your back while doing squat.

If you want to strengthen your core muscles then plank is a very best exercise. You only need a mat to practice this exercise. Plank is exercise for your core muscles but it also activates your legs muscles too like calf, quadriceps, glutes and hamstrings. You can increase the timing whenever you feel it easy. You can increase it intensity by putting some weight on your back while holding plank.

When we talk about bodyweight exercise then Push-up come first. Push up is the best exercise to develop your chest muscles. Pectoralis major and minor muscle are the primary muscle that activates while doing push up but triceps, shoulder and Core muscles are the secondary muscle that activates while doing push up. There are so many variations in push-ups that you can try at home for example t pushup, Diamond push up, Wide Angle push up, incline push up, decline push up and many others. You can practice all these according to your fitness level. If you find normal pushup easy, you can try its other variation and also you can put some weight on your back while doing push up to increase its intensity.

Abdominal crunches
You can get your tummy toned and flat if you practice this exercise. You only need a mat to perform this exercise. Abdominal crunches is good for your core muscles or abs( rectus abdominis)muscles. This exercise also have so many variation, you can do them according to your fitness level. Reverse crunches and bicycle crunches are one of the best variations of this.

Pull-ups is the best upper body compound exercise for strengthening your latissimus dorsi or lats muscle in short. It’s a pulling up movement that can be perform with supinated grip that mean your palm facing upward with a shoulder width apart. You just need a bar to perform this exercise that you can manage to have at your home or you can easily find it anywhere like in a park.

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