Eat these foods if you want to gain weight

Many peoples want to lose weight but sometimes the condition is different. This post is for people who want to gain weight. There are many people that are very thin and because of this they are less confident in public. So I have been describing 6 foods that may be helpful if you want to gain weight. Having a very slim or thin body sometimes can make you feel less confident. There may be many causes for having a thin body. Most of the time the main cause is hormonal disturbances. Doing yoga and weight training is the best way to balance your hormones but sometimes eating less calories can also be the cause.

Possible causes for a thin body

Eating less calories than burning
If you eat less and Burn more then it is very hard to gain weight. This is the most obvious cause for a thin body so just by eating more you can solve your problem.
Age can also be a factor because with age your metabolic rate decreases. That mean when we are young we have a very fast metabolic rate and this will decrease as we grow older.
High metabolic rate
Peoples having very high metabolic rate, always find very hard to gain weight. That’s why they are very thin. Your thyroid gland control your thyroid hormone. Thyroid hormone is a main hormone that controls your metabolic rate. Keep your metabolic rate in range by controlling thyroid hormone. Doing yoga and weight training is a very good idea if you want to control your metabolic rate.

Foods that can help you

Simply, These Six foods that have a large amount of calories may be beneficial if you want to gain some weight.

  1. Banana: Banana contains very high calories. A small banana roughly contains around 100 calories. This is the world best and cheap option available to gain some mass. Mix it with milk if you want to further increase calories.
  2. Dates/Dry fruits: Dates are good and a healthy option for increasing calories intake. Dates have large amount of calories and good fats too.
  3. Milk shakes: All types of milk shake whether it is banana shake mango shake all are full of high calories.
  4. Dark Chocolates: It may be a bad option if you intake in high quantity but still in the list because dark chocolate have some other benefits. Dark chocolates are the great source of antioxidants.
  5. Whole eggs: Eggs are good source of protein. An egg contains roughly around 90 calories and 7 gram of protein.
  6. Curd: All milk products are good choices if you want to put some your frame. But limit the intake of milk and milk products as they are very high in saturated fat.

As I already explain the importance of carbohydrates loading timing. So keep in mind that the loading timing is more important then what you eat.

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