Differences Between fat Loss and Weight Loss

Most of the people think that fat loss and Weight Loss are the same but there is a lot of difference between fat loss and weight loss. Two person with the same body weight may look different because both have different body composition i.e. fat mass, muscle mass, total body protein, water mass, bone mass, organ mass, blood mass etc. A person having less fat mass and more muscle mass may be healthier than a person having same weight but having more fat and less muscles mass.

Your body fat is the main culprit not your weight

Most of the people in gym are only bothering about their total body weight. When we talk about weight loss then we only focus on overall weight that include your water mass, your blood mass, bone mass, organ mass and your bone mass. So being a fitness enthusiast we should not focus on weight loss rather than we should focus on fat loss. Guys we should understand that the fat is a main culprit. So we should train just to decrease fat on your body. Guys if you are fitness professional then believe me the weight is never matter, the thing that matter is only fat.

Improve your body composition

You should work to improve your body composition. Do weight training to add muscles mass on your body. Adding muscles to your body can also increase your metabolism. That increased metabolism will help you in losing fat. Also weight training will increase your bone density that will help you in improving body composition.

Don’t starve yourself in the name of losing weight

Never use this way to decrease your weight. This is the worst approach ever. Instead take more small meals. Try to add more protein to your diet. Limit the intake of saturated fat and add more polyunsaturated and mono unsaturated fats to your diet.

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