6 Ways to boost your metabolism in hypothyroid

In hypothyroidism it is always very hard to lose weight just because of slow metabolism. Despite on a very low calorie diet it is very hard to lose weight. So, increasing your metabolism is the first thing to do. Followings are some ways that will help you to boost your metabolism.

  1. Always eat breakfast:  It’s like a starvation because it’s a long period of time since you had your last meal that is about 8-10 hours ago. So, always eat breakfast to ensure a fast metabolism. In starvation your body’s metabolism decreases.
  2. Say no to snacks: For a thyroid patient it is always good to have 4-5 small meals without any snacks. This method keeps your metabolism up and body would be in fat burning zone.
  3. Drink more water: You can increase your metabolism naturally by drinking more water. Water is natural fat burner that keeps you cool and hydrated and your body burn more calories at rest.
  4. Build your muscle: Building muscle might be the key. Muscle is directly proportional to your metabolism. Means, more muscle –more metabolisms. So, do weight training and put on some muscles.
  5. No big meals: For a hypothyroid patient you should divide your 3 meals into 6. Don’t eat high calories meal at once.
  6. Don’t starve: If you put yourself on starvation then your body’s metabolism goes down. I have seen most people started eating less just to lose weight. Remember, eating less or not eating isn’t a solution instead you have to eat right.