6 diet modification for weight loss

Your body become what you eat. Mindful eating is very necessary if you want to lose weight and gain better physical fitness. Most of the time you always focusing on the quantity of what you eat but sometime quality does matter.

Here I explain 6 mindful eating habit that you must give a try if you want to improve your physical fitness.

  1. ¬†Never eat more at once: I used to see people having a big meal and then don’t eat anything throughout the day. It’s a very wrong approach. You should take at least 3-4 small meals in a day. That will keeps your metabolism up and help in burning more calories.
  2. Eat complex carbohydrates: Include more complex carbs into your diet. Complex carbs digest slowly and make you feel full for a longer time.
  3. Include more protein: It is scientifically proven, protein reduces fat. Eat more protein to reduce fat and improve body composition too.
  4.  Drink more water: Yes, water. It is the best fat burner in the world. It burns fat by increasing your metabolism. So, drink lots of water throughout the day. How much water do you need is depends on your body weight,height and age.
  5. Avoid sugar: Avoid all types of sweets. If you still wants to eat, have them in the early morning on an empty stomach.
  6. Eat more fibers: Fiber contains no calories but still they are necessary for better digestion. Eating salad before starting your meal will control your appetite that mean you will eat less.

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