5 Most Difficult yoga Poses You Wish That You Could Do

If you are thinking that yoga is very easy and anyone can do this easily so here I am telling you, there are many yoga poses that are extremely difficult to hold. If you think that you are the master of yoga then you can try these yoga poses and I’m sure that it must be very challenging to you to hold these poses.I am telling to all my readers that if you are a novice then please don’t try these poses without any supervision. If you want to know whether you can perform it or not then you may give it a try.

Peacock pose

This yoga pose is very challenging to you and require so much core strength. In this pose, you need to balance your body weight on your arms as you can see in below picture. This asana is only for advanced yoga practitioner. If you feel that you are a beginner then you should not try this pose. You must try all yoga poses under the supervision of certified yoga instructor. Mayurasana is very good for increasing core strength and mind body coordination. It is good for your stomach related diseases as it massages your stomach muscles. Initially you can hold this pose for a minimum of 10 seconds and increase gradually.


Headstand required so much mind-body coordination and very good asana to improve your metabolic rate. This is very good for people who are suffering from Thyroid problem. Do not try this asana if you have any heart related problems like blood pressure. This is very good for your hair as more blood bring more nutrition to your head. Initially you can start by doing it against the wall so that you can get the support from the wall under the supervision of certified yoga instructor.

Forearm stand

It is again a very difficult yoga pose and requires more mind and body coordination and strength in your shoulder and triceps muscles. You must warm up your shoulder and triceps before trying this pose. Benefit of this asana is same as of headstand. Initially you can start doing it with the support of a wall by holding it at least 10 seconds.

Scorpion pose

This pose is very similar to Forum stand. If you want to do this you first practice for understand and then try Scorpion pose. Before trying this pose you must improve your lower back mobility and flexibility because it requires so much mobility in your lower back. This pose is very hard to do as it requires so much body and mind coordination. You can start doing by practicing it against the wall.

Crow pose

Crow pose also known as crane pose is the fundamental pose for most arm balances in yoga. It is very good for your upper body muscles like arms, shoulder and core. This pose is very difficult to hold and also good for weight loss.

Do not practice this pose if you have wrist or shoulder injury.

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