5 Best Exercise To Reduce Weight Fast At Home

Obesity is a major problem in India and also in other developed countries like USA.
Internationally a BMI over 25kg/m2 is considered overweight. Obesity in USA is a major
health problem resulting in various diseases like hypertension, diabetes, stroke and
many other heart related disease. It is estimated that 3/4 of United States population
will likely to be overweight or obese by 2020. There are various reasons for obesity like
genetics, fast food, processed food, fried or oily foods, sedentary Lifestyle etc.
You can easily avoid overweight or obesity conditions just by improving your lifestyle
and diet. Maximum 90 percent of people are overweight or obese just because of
sedentary Lifestyle or bad eating habits.So here we are writing down the five effective exercise that can be perform at home and require no equipment.

You can easily avoid overweight or obesity conditions just by Doing These five effective exercise

  1. Squat When it comes to lose weight fast with no equipment needed then the first
    exercise that comes in mind is squat. Squat is a best exercise for losing weight fast
    because it target big muscle group. It works well on your quadriceps, hamstring, calf
    muscles and gluteus. According to the ACSM(AMERICAN COUNCIL ON SPORTS AND
    MEDICINE) if you target big muscle group then the process of burning fat becoming
    more fast. If your metabolism is increases then you will be burning more calories even
    at rest. If you are a beginner than you can go for body weight squat only. You can
    gradually push yourself to weighted squat.
  2. PushupPush up is another exercise that require no equipment and also good for your
    chest muscles and reduces weight. Whether you are male or female push up is very
    good for you if you want to have a bulky and enormous chest. Most female have a very
    less developed pectoral muscles because of that they have small breast size in that case
    the push up is a very good exercise to develop their pectoral.
  3. Plank If you want to strengthen your core then plank is a world best exercise. Plank
    doesn’t require any equipment to perform and also best exercise to tone up your belly
    and reduces weight. Hold the plank position for at least 1 minute and gradually increase
    the time.
  4. Pull Ups Pull up is a very good exercise and can be done at home easily. Pull up also
    target a very large muscle group that's why it's a very effective exercise to reduce fat
    fast. This is very effective exercise to build up back muscles. If your body weight is more
    than you may not be able to do this exercise. In that case, you can take someone’s help
    to push you up or you can try with close grip pull ups with legs bend.
  5. Stair climbing The best part of this exercise is that you can do this exercise at any
    place not only at home. To do this exercise you just need to escape lift or escalator. This
    is very good exercise and require no equipment. It will tone up your leg muscles and
    also burns lots of calories thus aids in weight loss.

Do not perform each of these exercise illustrated above on each and every day.
You must give 2 day rest to your body to perform these all exercise again. Or you
can perform only one exercise in a day.

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